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ACM Multimedia Systems Conference Amherst, MA, USA, June 18 - 21, 2019
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Preliminary Schedule

List of Accepted Papers

  • ERUDITE: a Deep Neural Network for Optimal Tuning of Adaptive Video Streaming Controllers, L. De Cicco; G. Cilli; S. Mascolo
  • Mobile VR on Edge Cloud: A Latency-Driven Design, S. Shi; V. Gupta; M. Hwang; R. Jana
  • Subjective Quality Evaluation of Tile-based Streaming for Omnidirectional Videos, A. Singla; S. Göring; A. Raake; B. Meixner; R. Koenen; T. Buchholz
  • Hindsight: Evaluate Video Bitrate Adaptation at Scale, T. Huang; C. Ekanadham; A. Berglund; Z. Li
  • LIME: Understanding Commercial 360-degree Live Video Streaming Services, X. Liu; B. Han; F. Qian; M. Varvello
  • Serving Deep Neural Networks at the Cloud Edge for Vision Applications on Mobile Platforms, Z. Fang; D. Hong; R. Gupta
  • Content-aware Video Encoding for Cloud Gaming, M. Hegazy; K. Diab; M. Saeedi; B. Ivanovic; I. Amer; Y. Liu; G. Sines; M. Hefeeda
  • A Comparative Study of Video Annotation Tools for Scene Understanding: Yet (not) another Annotation Tool, S. Kletz; A. Leibetseder; K. Schoeffmann
  • Using neighbouring nodes for the compression of octrees representing the geometry of point clouds, S. Lasserre; D. Flynn; S. QU
  • Cost-Driven Framework for Progressive Compression of Textured Meshes, C. Portaneri; L. Birklein; E. Schoemer; P. Alliez; M. Hemmer
  • Requet: Real-Time QoE Detection for Encrypted YouTube Traffic, C. Gutterman; K. Guo; S. Arora; X. Wang; L. Wu; E. Katz-Bassett; G. Zussman
  • Evaluation of Shared Resource Allocation using SAND for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, S. Pham; P. Heeren; D. Silhavy; S. Arbanowski
  • Adaptive Two-Layer Light Field Compression Scheme Based on Sparse Reconstruction, X. Hu; J. Shan; Y. Liu; L. Zhang
  • An SDN-Based Device-Aware Live Video Service For Inter-Domain Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, A. Khalid; A. Zahran; C. Sreenan
  • Mulsemedia Preparation: A New Event Type for Preparing Media Object Presentation and Sensory Effect Rendering, M. Josué; M. Moreno; D. Muchaluat-Saade
  • Quality-aware Strategies for Optimizing ABR Video Streaming QoE and Reducing Data Usage, Y. Qin; S. Hao; K. Pattipati; F. Qian; S. Sen; B. Wang; C. Yue
  • Game Input with Delay - Moving Target Selection Parameters, M. Clayppol; A. Cockburn; C. Gutwin
  • Empowering Video Players in Cellular: Throughput Prediction from Radio Network Measurements, D. Raca; A. Zahran; C. Sreenan; R. Sinha; E. Halepovic; R. Jana; V. Gopalakrishnan; M. Varvello; B. Bathula
  • Event-driven Stitching for Tile-based 360 Video Live Streaming, B. Chen; Z. Yan; H. Jin; K. Nahrstedt
  • BETA: Bandwidth-Efficient Temporal Adaptation for Video Streaming over Reliable Transports, C. James; M. Wang; E. Halepovic
  • An Evaluation of a 3D Multimodal Marker-Less Motion Analysis System, T. Rodrigues; C. Catháin; D. Devine; N. O’Connor; N. Murray


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